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Woodvale Primary Academy

Meet our Staff


Mr Reetz

Deputy Principal

  Mrs Ley



Mrs Clements

Foundation and Key Stage 1

Area Leader for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2

Miss Hillyard


Miss Cheeseman
Mrs McKenna
Mrs Cimpoeru

Reception Teachers

Mr Mangan
Miss Hillyard

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Clark

Miss Hogan

Mrs Purchase

Year 1 Teachers

Mr Anderson


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Segond
Mrs Facer

Miss Coy

Mrs Knibbs



Premier Sports

Year 2 Teachers

Miss Walsh
Mrs Bassett/Mrs McClarty

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Heath      Mrs Kaur

       Mrs Williams



Premier Sports 

Key Stage 2

Phase Leader for Year 3, 4, 5 and 6

Mrs Foster/ Miss Sandhu

Year 3 Teachers

Miss O'Neill/ Mrs Waby
Mrs Blake

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Corless

Miss Cooke


NMPAT and Premier Sport

Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Marshall

Miss Bowling

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wall
Mrs Line


NMPAT and Premier Sport

Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Williams

Miss Blake

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Wiltshire

Mrs Wade


NMPAT and PE cover provided by Premier Sport

Year 6 Teachers

Miss Betsy
Mr Watt

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Townsend

Miss Barden


NMPAT and PE cover provided by Premier Sport

Across the Academy

Miss Thomas (teacher)

Mrs Akhtar – Learning Mentor (All Year Groups)

Ms Makin - Learning Mentor (KS2)

Mrs Davies – Learning Mentor (EYFS)

Other Members of the Team

Senior Administrator

Mrs Sturdy


Mrs Hunt and Mrs Jackman

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Lattimore

Family Support Worker

Mrs Nicholas

Learning Mentor

Mrs Wheelhouse

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Pearce                                                                                            Mrs Habiba
Mrs Fallon                                                                                             Mrs Byles
Mrs Fox                                                                                                 Mrs Cimpoeru
Miss Elliott                                                                                            Mrs Seyton
Mrs Sharif                                                                                             Miss Niculae
Mrs Purchase                                                                                      
Mrs Facer
Mrs Townsend
Mrs Wade
Mrs Chavda

AMEY Caretakers

Mr Facer
Mr Hoskin