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Woodvale Primary Academy

Performance Tables

Whole School Performance 2018 (unvalidated)


A school is judged on how many children achieve a 'Good Level of Development' (GLD) by the end of Reception.  For a child to reach a GLD they must achieve the expected standard in the prime ares of learning.


Year 1

The number of children who passed the National Phonics Screening test is as follows:

Year 1 Phonics %

Year 2

This year the children took the Key Stage 1 SATs tests.  As a school we decided that the children would not take the grammar paper.  Writing is teacher assessed. (ARE= Age Related Expectation)

%ARE Reading                       %ARE Writing                             %ARE Maths                         % Combined
         65                                             65                                                 70                                               59

Year 6

The results below show how the children performed in the Key Stage 2 SATs tests.  Similar to the Year 2 tests. The children are assessed formally in reading, grammar and maths. Teacher assessment is used in writing.


%ARE             Progress          %ARE            Progress      %ARE          %ARE        Progress    %Combined

Reading                                  Writing                                SPAG          Maths

70                        -1.6                  61                    -3.5             75               67                 -1.4                 54


Click on the link below to see our full Academy performance tables.  

They include Key Stage 2, Value Added and Absence.

Performance Tables