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Woodvale Primary Academy


                             Welcome to Reception                             

We have two Reception classes, Robins and Wrens.

Our Reception teachers are Miss Hillyard (Robins) and Mr Mangan (Wrens).

Please click on the curriculum newsletter attachments below to find out what the children will be learning about this term (and previous terms):

Week Beginning: Monday 13th July 2020

Hello Robins & Wrens,

The Reception home learning pack for the week commencing Monday 13th July is now available on the website.

I can't believe this is the final week of term, you have all worked so hard from home it has made all of us very proud. This week our learning will be focused on your tranisition to Year 1.

There are lots of fun activities to complete to get you thinking about the excitement that awaits you in Year 1. You get to design your ideal classroom and rules, you can write your new teacher some questions and reflect on all the fun that we have had this year.

We will be in touch throughout the week to share some of our memories and say some farewells. We can't wait to see you using all of your skills that you have learned this year to share your ideas and experiences. 🙂

Activities to be completed daily:

  • Read your decodable book
  • Read and write your tricky words
  • Complete your diary entry (draw a picture and write a sentence of something you have done that day)
  • Complete one of the activities in your home learning pack

It is also important to remember that aside from your daily activities there are other activities you should be doing every day:

  • Daily exercise – e.g. Joe Wicks PE @ 9am
  • Get some fresh air e.g. playing in the garden
  • Share a story with someone in your family
  • Spend time with your family e.g. play a game, make a shop using everyday items, research a topic of interest.

If you complete any of the activities, please send pictures via Microsoft Teams or via email. Our emails are and

Remember we are always here to help!   If you have forgotten how to log into Airhead, you can watch this short video as a little reminder! 

Take care,

Miss Hillyard, Mr Mangan and all of the Reception Team